Maths Week Ireland and Hamilton's Icosian Game feature in "The New York Times"

Dr Padraig Kirwan part of the Maths Week Ireland Team at Waterford Institute of Technology featured in New York Times

As Maths Week Ireland 2014 fast approaches, the New York Times' Number Play column have featured an insight into the famous mathematical graffiti work of William Rowan Hamilton.

The focus of the article is on the Icosian game, created by Hamilton in 1857.  The aim of the game is to determine a path that passes through all vertices on the graph once and only once and then finishing at the starting point.

The article, published yesterday and available online here also features a brief interview with Dr Padraig Kirwan who shares the history of Maths Week Ireland with a global audience.

The article offers a great introductory insight into the work of Hamilton as well as showcasing Maths Week Ireland worldwide.