All about Maths Week

Our core values are:

  • Community
    • Cultivates participation in maths through outreach and partnership.
    • Strengthens community through collaborative activities
      for maths professionals, students, and enthusiasts at all levels.
  • Inclusivity
    • Advocates inclusivity and celebrates diversity by promoting maths for all.
    • Broadens access to maths through initiatives to engage diverse audiences.
  • Communication
    • Advances creative discoveries in maths and communicates them to the world.
    • Communicates the role of maths in a changing society.
  • Teaching & Learning
    • Fosters the open exchange of ideas about the teaching and learning of maths.
    • Develops and promotes research-based instructional resources and practices.

We support the mission and core values through our annual festival, outreach programs, online resources, competitions and publications. Maths drives society and shapes our lives.

Maths Week Ireland is an all-island initiative and a partnership of institutions and groups promoting positive attitudes towards maths and highlighting the importance of maths in our lives since 2006. It is coordinated by Calmast at WIT. It is one of four national STEM festivals. Running for 15 years as a collaborative partnership of organisations including all the universities, institutes of technology, with professional bodies, visitor centres and more; Maths Week engaged directly with over 400,000 people in 2019, making it currently the world’s largest maths festival.

Why are we doing it?

To promote positive attitudes towards maths and its applications.

Maths for all: regardless of age, background, needs or abilities.

Maths literacy is required for citizens to participate fully in society.

Maths underpins all areas of STEM, financial services and many other disciplines.

Mathematical thinking improves ability to solve problems in other areas.

Maths is rewarding in its own right, and gives a richer way of experiencing the world.

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