Maths Map shows local maths connections across Ireland, with which Primary and secondary school students, with their teachers and community can learn about mathematical sites, activities, and mathematicians from and in Ireland, both current and historical.

Maths map is an online map that displays pins showing locations of mathematical people, location, trails, mazes…all over Ireland.

Click on the pins to access details and links!

Designed and developed by Maths Week supported by ESB Energy for generations

Covid-19 has shown the need for quality online STEM engagement.
Recent NCCA report suggests positive attitude to maths reflects performance, measures are needed to

  • engage students in maths outside the classroom,
  • build on students experience in maths class,
  • their liking of maths
  • and enhance their maths confidence.
  • Important to show maths in context.
  • Especially important for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and female students”

Teacher feedback indicates need for resource available year-round that will engage students by

  • seeing maths in their community,
  • showing maths in context,
  • highlighting the importance of maths in their local environment and economy
  • providing role models.