There are loads of fun maths activities that we can do with everyday things that you might have at home and a little imagination. Negative attitudes towards maths can seriously impair progress and these activities are a fun, pressure-free way of promoting a positive attitude- and keeping young people occupied! These activities are great for encouraging a growth mindset and developing problem solving skills.

The Maths Week Problem Solving Philosophy is very much underpinned by the concept of a ‘growth mindset’.

Having and developing a ‘growth mindset’ about maths is a key element in succeeding at maths. The terms ‘fixed mindset’ and ‘growth mindset’ were coined by Dr Carol Dweck to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. Everyone has a mindset or a core belief about how they learn, and the type a person has, i.e. fixed or growth, impacts on the outcomes they can have in that particular area.