Please note: Online events will take place through Zoom and Zoom Webinar, they may be recorded and live streamed. An email will be sent to registered schools with all necessary information before the event takes place.

Maths Week TV Booking Form 2022
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Monday 17th 11.11am, 'It Doesn't Add UP with Dr Ken Farquhar Audience: 1st and 2nd Years (ROI) Y8 & Y9 (NI).
Tuesday 18th October 10.10am, 'Maths vs Sport' with Tom Crawford. Audience: TY 5th-6th Year (ROI); Y12-Y14 (NI)
Tuesday 18th 11.11am, Maths Week Mega Quiz with Franz Schlindwein, Audience: 5th – 6th class (ROI); Y6 - Y7 (NI)
Wednesday 19th 10.10am, Cuthbert Sees Double with Sally Lunt, Audience: Sr -1st class (ROI); Y2-Y3 (NI)
Thursday 20th, Maths Week Mini Quiz with Franz Schlindwein, Audience: 2nd–3rd class (ROI); Y3 - Y4 (NI)

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