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Welcome to the September 2022 Newsletter!
Maths Week is just around the corner and this newsletter has lot's of events, activities and ideas for you for Maths Week but there will be more to come so remember to keep checking the website for as we will be adding new events from our partners all over the island. You can also go to the resources section to help you celebrate Maths Week in your own school.

We now have over 150,000 already registered for Maths Week and this number will be increasing all the way up to Maths Week itself! Don't forget to register your school on our website!

Our 2022 posters should have arrived at schools all over the country by now, and we hope you enjoy them! You can access digital copies of the posters here.

If any teachers or mathematicians would like to share resources through Maths Week website, or have any news for inclusion (we are particularly keen on getting more news from Northern Ireland) please get in touch at

We really hope you enjoy this coming Maths Week, we have lot's to share!
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Maths Week 2022 Registration
Maths Week 2022 will take place from the 15th to the 23rd of October 2022 and registration is now open! Put your school on the map.
Register Here on the website:

Maths Week Registration

Maths Week Events
Events will be running across the island and we are adding more each day. 
Check out the Events page of the Maths Week website.
Competitions and Activities 
Maths Week Mini and Mega Quizzes 
The very popular Mega quiz returns. Quizmaster Franz Schlindwein is preparing tow fun filled events: the Mega Quiz is specially designed for pupils in the last year of Primary and the first year of Secondary schools. The Mini quiz is for  in 2nd – 3rd class / primary 3-4. 
These highly visual maths quiz, delivered live via Zoom, each class works together and submits one set of answers so the whole class can take part and enjoy. 

Tuesday  18th October 11am Mathsweek Mega Quiz
Thursday 20th October 11am Mathsweek Mini Quiz
There will be also be a live Izak9 quiz for those classes using the Izak Cubes on Thursday 13th October 11am 
Target Boards (Primary)

Target Boards are a great fun way for your class to practice arithmetic during Maths Week. Pupils won’t even realise they are working! There is a senior section for upper primary schools and a junior section for younger pupils.

Target Boards will run every Friday (8:30 to 14:30) until Maths Week. Another campaign will begin on 17 October and run each day for Maths Week. Make sure to sign up to get your school on the leader board!

For more information click here


How to play

Participants are given a set of 9 numbers. Using any of these numbers (only once in each expression) and the four operators (+, -, *, /) find out how many expressions you can make that equate to the target number. The more the better!

The operators are

+ addition

– Subtraction

* Multiplication

/ Division

You must use * for multiplication and / for division. You can also group parts of the expression using brackets ( ).


1+2+3 = 6

1+2*3 = 7

(1+2)*3 = 9

Maths Week 2022 Olympiad
0ctober 17 - October 24

All Schools (Senior Infants (Year 2) to 3rd Year (Year 11))


Following on from the success of 2021, The Maths Week 2021 Olympiad is an innovative event held in collaboration with Living Maths in South Africa. Its primary focus is to empower teachers and learners to find creative and concrete ways to help improve the standard of Maths in schools. We realise the importance of encouraging as many learners as possible to have a positive experience with maths so that they continue to make maths a subject choice as they go through their education. We are delighted to be working with Living Maths; a member of – the official body that represents STEM competitions in South Africa.

We have two sets of papers, one for Northern Ireland and one for the Republic. The Olympiad includes question papers for all classes primary and secondary. This is the only Olympiad of its kind (in the world) to cater for the foundation phase. The papers consist of 20 questions and 5 bonus questions. Every learner that takes part will receive a certificate (either bronze, silver or gold included in the online folder) for achieving marks from 1-20 out of 20. Any marks higher than 20 will receive a platinum certificate.

Find out more on the Maths Week 2022 Olympiad.

To register your interest in this year’s Olympiad with papers suitable from Senior Infants (Year 2) to 3rd Year (Year 11) please complete This Form.

Maths Poetry Competion: Write us a pi-ku 

(Junior Secondary)

A pi-ku is a poem that takes the form of a haiku, but uses the digits of pi (3.14159...) instead of the usual 5-7-5 pattern.

You can use the digits of pi as the number of letters, syllables, or words per line.

Your pi-ku should be about the magic of maths!

Deadline for entry: Friday 23/10/2022

Winners selected: Wednesday 02/11/2022

Open to: 1st-3rd year secondary school


3 Maths ma-gic

1 How?

4 Maths Week Ire-land!

For more information and to submit your poem check out this link.

Munster Maths and Science Fair October 16

(All Ages)
The Munster Maths and Science fair takes place on Sunday the 16th of October at the Mallow GAA Sports Complex from 11am to 4pm. This will be a great opportunity for the whole family to learn about Maths and Science!
Hamilton Walk October 16

(Adults / secondary schools)

Booking is essential with Fiacre Ó Cairbre at (01) 8223880

When: October 16 at 1 p.m.

Where: Dunsink Observatory, Dublin 15.

Audience: The general public, second level students and staff, third level students and staff.

Description: The walk commemorates Hamilton’s famous creation of a strange new number system, called Quaternions, on the banks of the Royal Canal in Dublin on October 16, 1843. Quaternions now play a fundamental role in computer games and animation, special effects in movies, space navigation, physics, engineering and many other areas. The walk will retrace Hamilton’s steps from Dunsink Observatory to Broombridge in Cabra where he had his Eureka moment. Hamilton performed a piece of mathematical graffiti by scratching his quaternion formulas on the canal bridge. In an act of mathematical vandalism, Hamilton opened up a whole new mathematical landscape where mathematicians could now feel free to conceive new algebraic number systems that were not shackled by the rules of ordinary numbers in arithmetic. Hamilton freed algebra from arithmetic and he was called the Liberator of Algebra.

Caroline Ainslie at W5, Belfast

Friday 21st October 

Primary Schools: Year 1 – year 4


Events For Teachers
Maths Meets Conference

PDST are delighted to let you know of their upcoming maths conference which will take place on Saturday October 15th 2022 in Maynooth University. Maths Meet 2022 is a joint conference organised by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) and the Irish Maths Teachers’ Association (IMTA). The purpose of the conference is to promote the study of Maths and to share best practice. We have an exciting programme planned, including a keynote address by Ed Southall (teacher and author of “Yes, But Why” and “Geometry Snacks”), workshops by Maths teachers, PDST, JCT and invited guests, exhibits by education providers and much more. Maths Meet 2022 is entirely free and lunch and light refreshments will be provided to all attendees. Conference packs with classroom resources will be given to all who attend on the day. After three years of meeting online, this is an opportunity for us to reconnect, chat, collaborate, learn and have fun.
'I'm a Mathematician, Get me out of here' Sign Up

This exciting event will be taking place during Maths Week 2022 to help school students discover how maths is relevant to them and their everyday lives. The organisers are looking for experts to take part in I’m a Mathematician, Get me out of here!

Do you use maths in your job? You are needed to inspire school students across Ireland throughout October 2022, including Maths Week! Take part in fun, fast-paced, text-based live Chats with school students from a diverse range of schools, and answer their follow-up questions in the Circle Zone. 
I’m a Mathematician is 100% online, text-based, and accessible from any web browser with an internet connection. Chats can fit around your schedule, so take part as much or as little as you like.

Let us know if you’d like to take part:

Linking Mathematics with Unplugged Coding

Maths Week 2022: Let's Visit Numberland!

A free event for Nursery and Foundation Stage teachers, this conference, led by Barbara Schindelhauer, co-author of Let’s Visit Numberland, will use a combination of presentation and hands-on activities to provide clear and comprehensive guidance on how to introduce Let's Visit Numberland in the early years setting.

Building on the imaginative and emotional world of young children, Let's Visit Numberland supports the development of early number sense. It is a holistic approach with strong cross-curricular links which engages children in an interactive environment, stimulating their curiosity and enhancing communication.

Informed by findings from neuroscience and developmental psychology, Let's Visit Numberland originated in Germany as part of a research project and has been growing internationally ever since.

“My nursery classes love Let's Visit Numberland. They love to play with the numbers and their houses, exploring the many different ways to make 3 or 4 or 5. I have seen first-hand how the resources help to make maths come alive and promote the development of mathematical thinking.” - Kierna Corr, Head of Nursery, Windmill Integrated PS and NU, Dungannon

This event is presented by Stranmillis University College in partnership with Maths Week Ireland.



Resources for Ukrainian Pupils

We have translated some of our resources into Ukrainian to support young Ukrainian refugees. These are in Ukrainian and English, so they can help with maths and language skills. 
You can print them out and laminate them and then they can be wiped clean and reused. 

You can find them here

We also have these resources in Arabic 
Hello and welcome to the Maths Week Ireland website.
مرحبا و أهلاً إلى موقع إسبوع الرياضيات في أيرلندا
Maths News
Young Scientist winners take top prize at EU contest with Maths Project

Aditya Kumar and Aditya Joshi took first prize at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

THE WINNERS OF this year’s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition have won the top prize at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS).

Aditya Kumar and Aditya Joshi, students in Synge Street CBS in Dublin won with their project “A New Method of Solving the Bernoulli Quadrisection Problem”, which proposed a new approach to a mathematical problem unsolved since the 17th century and put forward ways in which it could be applied to contemporary engineering challenges.

You can read the full article here:


The Maths Map of Ireland
The Maths Map of Ireland is an exciting new project from Maths Week Ireland and the ESB. The project has created a Maths Map; to include historical places and people relevant to maths; maths trails and contemporary maths figures and places of interest. 

If you would like to add to the Maths Map of Ireland, please email with the subject MATHS MAP. 
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