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Here you can find ON DEMAND recorded videos from Maths Week with Irish Sign Language.

Caroline Ainslie: Big and Small

A show all about scale and the importance of scaling different shapes using balloons and soap bubbles.
Audience: Jnr-Snr (ROI); Y1-Y2 (NI)

Cuthbert sees Double

This unique workshop focuses on the doubling. Beginning with a purpose written story followed by a question-and-answer session and then an arty maths activity to reinforce learning. This workshop will help children to see that doubling a number is the same as adding the number to itself.
Audience: Sr -1st class (ROI); Y2-Y3 (NI)

Andrew Jeffrey: Maths Rocks

Maths Rocks features a series of mathematical surprises that you never knew about. You might even learn some magic tricks you can show other people.
Audience: 5th- 6th class (ROI); Y6-Y7 (NI)

Bobby Seagull: Living Maths

For Bobby, maths was instrumental in unlocking the secrets of everyday life from understanding the randomness of football results, to organising his time and his choice of music. Using stories from his own life, Bobby brings his infectious enthusiasm to everything from the right number of friends to have to the power of prime numbers controlling everything from credit card numbers to cicada insect hibernation habits. You’ll never look at your maths lessons in school the same way again!

Audience: 1st-3rd Year (ROI); Y9-Y11 (NI)

Rob Eastaway’s Curious Maths

Everyone loves a quiz – but this quiz is a bit curious.  First, there are only seven questions.  Second, most people get most of the questions wrong (but that’s fine because nobody is recording anybody’s score).  And third, you’ll discover some really curious things about the real world as you go along.  This is maths like you might never have seen it before. Enjoy! Rob Eastaway was the very first presenter at Maths Week. Rob is a mathematician, author and broadcaster. His show Puzzling Surprises – will present entertaining examples of counter-intuitive maths, from Pythagoras to Pascal’s Triangle.
The Curious Maths Quiz is for students in 1st and 2nd years in secondary school and years 10 and 11

Dr Tom Crawford: Maths vs Sport

How do you take the perfect penalty? What is the limit of human endurance? Where is the best place to attempt a world record? Maths has all of the answers and I’ll be telling you how to use it to be better at sport (results may vary).
Audience: TY 5th-6th Year (ROI); Y12-Y14 (NI)

Rob Eastaway: Maths and Sport

Everyone loves Sport, what is the maths behind it? This talk is a super curious journey on geometry and maths behind sport.
This event is aimed at TY and Senior cycle students.

Careers in Maths

Careers event showcasing the many careers involving maths moderated by Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin.
Audience: TY-6th Year (ROI); Y12-Y14 (NI)