How to bring your maths lessons to life

Audience: Teachers Watch live on No one understands what makes students tick better than we teachers. Bobby shows how he uses his students’ interest in popular culture - football, Bake Off, Strictly, pop music and even - say it quietly - Love Island! to show where there is maths in all sorts of  unexpected contexts. Booking:

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Maths4All TeachMeet

Audience: Teachers Are you willing to share your ideas about maths teaching? Would you like to take a peek into other teachers’ classes? Maths4All will host an online TeachMeet on Thursday 15th October from 6 o’clock. A TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights

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2020 vision with your  Maths Eyes

Audience: Primary Teachers Description: Everyone uses mathematics in their daily life but they sometimes don't call it mathematics. For most people, the mathematics that surrounds them remains invisible and parents underestimate their mathematical abilities because they often consider the mathematics they can do as 'common sense' and the tasks they can't do as 'mathematics'. In

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