Curious Maths with Rob Eastaway

Everyone loves a quiz – but this quiz is a bit curious.  First, there are only seven questions.  Second, most people get most of the questions wrong (but that’s fine because nobody is recording anybody’s score).  And third, you’ll discover some really curious things about the real world as you go along.  This is maths

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Parent and Kids Workshop with Steve Sherman

Join international educator Steve Sherman, Chief Imagination Officer of, in this hands-on workshop where he will introduce you to a range of tools and tips to help make maths more exciting for your child.  Bring your child along so you can see how these tips can be used to generate a love for maths.

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Maths Week 2021 Olympiad

Following on from the success of 2020, The Maths Week 2021 Olympiad is an innovative event held in collaboration with Living Maths in South Africa. Its primary focus is to empower teachers and learners to find creative and concrete ways to help improve the standard of Maths in schools. We realise the importance of encouraging

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Loving Maths

This year we are delighted to have teamed up with master storyteller, Steve Sherman, the chief imagination officer of for an adventure designed specifically for pre-school children and 3-6 year olds. You are invited to take part in 5 exciting episodes in the Loving Maths series.  Children will be introduced to mathematical concepts and

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Mind Reading Maths

Audience: 1st - 6th class in primary school Description: Mind reading maths - during this fun activity you will learn how to read minds using maths. The lessons are adapted to suit the age of the audience with the older children learning about the maths behind the mind reading too Time from 9.00am daily to

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