Santa’s Path

Santa’s Path Description Print out our templates and help Santa find his way to every child’s house! Materials Templates: Santa’s one (primary) Icosian one (secondary) Markers or thread Pencil Instructions Can you lead Santa through the graph drawing a closed path? There are different options, how many paths can you

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Hamilton Lecture 2020

Audience: 12 years and up Professor Terence Tao will deliver this year’s Hamilton Lecture, as part of the Royal Irish Academy's Hamilton Day celebrations, generously sponsored by Ibec. In his talk entitled 'The Cosmic Distance Ladder’ he will show how we can use basic secondary-school level maths, along with indirect measurements, to work out the

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The Hamilton Walk

The Hamilton Walk is an annual event held each year in Dublin on the 16th of October, the anniversary of the day in 1843 when William Rowan Hamilton discovered the non-commutative algebraic system known as quaternions, while walking with his wife along the banks of the Royal Canal. This year with restrictions the normal walk cant

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