Snowman pop-up Card

Snowman pop-up Card Description Create your very special Christmas Pop-up card. You will need some paper and markers, and a lot of imagination. Materials Paper (A4) Coloured paper/cardboard (optional) Scissors Markers Glue Instructions Fold your sheet in half and cut it in the centre, into two rectangles. Pick one of

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Six Reindeers Puzzle

Six Reindeers Puzzle Description These logic puzzles will have the whole family engaged and can be easily recreated using materials from around the house. Or printing out our Reindeer version template. Materials Download our template with Reindeers HERE But you can try this activity with just paper and pen as well.

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Dance with your elf

Dance with your elf Description Algorithms are everywhere...Even a dance choreography is a list of instructions. Code your own dance with the help of elves! Materials Pc/tablet Internet connection Santa tracker website Instructions Click on the link to access the dance floor, then choose dance class to start. Code

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Christmas Wishes with Scratch

Christmas Wishes with Scratch Description With Scratch you can create your personal interactive animation. With this activity you will learn how to make sprites (your characters) speak with speech bubbles. Materials Pc/tablet Internet connection Website: LINK HERE Instructions When you first land on you can create an account

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Your first flip book

Your first flip book Description Be a cartoonist for a day! Prepare a notebook and a pencil or a pen and start sketch your character. Thanks to optical illusions you could see your drawing start moving. Materials Notebook Pencil Instructions Pick two blank pages of your notebook. Choose one corner

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Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf Description Create your own Elf from the template. Make a paper stand and learn how to balance your Elf on a Shelf! Materials - printable template - colour pencils / markers - scissors - glue stick Instructions Print out the .pdf template. HERE Colour it as

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Christmas Automata

Christmas Automata Description Have you ever found yourself staring at Christmas shop windows? The ones with polar bears and Santa moving as automatic machines (Automata). This Christmas you can create your own unique Automata. If you follow this Advent STEAM Calendar you will be guided step by step with tips and tricks

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The Magic of Mobius Strips

The Magic of Möbius Strips Back to Top For: Nice activity for primary pupils but will amaze all ages Thursday 26/03/20 Hands-on activity: a Mobius Strip is an object that defies common sense and has some curious mathematical properties The  Möbius Strip is called after German

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