Digital animation

Create a digital animation Description Create your unique digital animation with a vintage look using pixel art. The kind of style you can see in Minecraft or vintage 2D games. Materials Piskel app website: Paper and pen (optional) Instructions Go to Click the button “Create sprite” (you do

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Christmas Orchestra

Christmas Orchestra Description Ready to warm every heart in your house with a little bit of music? Collect as many simple/waste materials you can find around you and read the instructions below for inspiration. Materials Simple waste material Rubber bands Rice/tiny pasta Markers Scissors Instructions Now it’s your turn! Use

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Santa’s Path

Santa’s Path Description Print out our templates and help Santa find his way to every child’s house! Materials Templates: Santa’s one (primary) Icosian one (secondary) Markers or thread Pencil Instructions Can you lead Santa through the graph drawing a closed path? There are different options, how many paths can you

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Pop-up Comet

Pop-up Comet Description Create your own Comet pop-up card to wish everyone a special Merry Christmas this year. Materials Paper Scissors Glue Markers Instructions Draw and cut a star shape. Cut two strips of paper. Glue them together to form a right angle. Then start folding them one over the

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Christmas Carols with Scratch

Christmas Carols with Scratch Description With Scratch you can create your personal interactive animation. With this activity you will learn how to add sounds and music. Materials Pc/tablet Internet connection Website: LINK Instructions When you first land on you can create an account if you’d like to join

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Alive for Christmas

Alive for Christmas Description Everyone knows... at night during Christmas toys always come to life... Ready to make the magic happen? Materials Chatterpix (free app) Apple: Google: Instructions Download Chatterpix app. Find an object or toy you would like to animate. Open the app and click “take photo”.

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Christmas Automata – new motion and decorations

Christmas Automata - new motion and decorations Description Have you ever found yourself starring at Christmas shop windows? The ones with polar bears and Santa moving. This Christmas you can create your unique Automata. If you follow this Advent Math's Calendar you will be guided step by step with tips and tricks

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3D Christmas Decoration

3D Christmas Decoration Description Create your special Christmas Tree Decoration. Paper and markers will be digital and 3D with your fantasy and the help of a whimsical app. Download Quiver App, print the template and you are ready to go! Materials Quiver app iOS free Quiver app Google Play free

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Mathematical Christmas Tree

Mathematical Christmas Tree Description This puzzle is based on the “Triangle with a Difference”. You can play with it using paper and pencil or printing out our Christmas template. Materials Cards Pencils Template here INSTRUCTIONS Cut out your Christmas tree decorations Hang your ornaments on the tree Place the numbers

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Edible ‘Ryan the Reindeer’ Slime

Edible ‘Ryan the Reindeer’ Slime Description Delicious gooey chocolate reindeer slime in a glass jar. This easy recipe has only 5 ingredients and will keep you entertained for hours. It’s both great fun to play with and tasty! Materials 1 glass jar, white paper, scissors, black marker, 2 yellow post-its, red/pink marker,

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