SNAP Maths Fair

Are you interested in inspiring your students in Mathematics?  Become better problem solvers to think outside the box?  How about sharing with them some wonderful and fun recreational mathematics problems? 

SNAP Math Fairs are an initiative from Canada. The purpose of a SNAP math fair is to provide a meaningful problem-solving experience for all students in the form of a non-competitive event. The math fair can be adapted to almost any curriculum and set of standards, and it will motivate and inspire all of the students.

A SNAP Math fair is not like a traditional science fair. Although there is a superficial resemblance, it differs in its structure and its scope. Like a science fair, the math fair has tabletop displays presided over by students, but the similarity does not extend much beyond this. These four guidelines make the math fair appeal to all students at all levels. A SNAP math fair is:

  • Student-centered
  • Non-competitive
  • All-inclusive
  • Problem-based

Watch a short video from a maths fair at St Joseph’s National School, Dundalk

Learn more about hosting your own maths fair at the SNAP website.