MathsWeekTV will will be back for Maths Week from 18 – 22 October 2021. We will broadcast two daily shows, one each for primary and secondary schools.

The line up will include some of our favourite presenters with some exciting new talent.

In the meantime you can watch back some of the best of shows from last year using the button on the right


Monday 12th – 10:10am

Susan is a maths educator who passionately believes that numeracy (the ability to use maths in a real life context) is an essential basic skill that everyone should be confident at, like reading and writing. She challenges negative views of maths by creating and delivering maths content in a way that is accessible, memorable and confidence building.
Maths is everywhere & for everyone!

Tuesday 13th – 10:10am

A Guinness World Record holder and award winning mathematical entertainer who has been part of Maths Week Ireland since 2013, Caroline loves to create activities that engage young leaners to love participating in maths. She calls it Bubbly Maths

Let’s Make Maths Fun!

Wednesday 14th – 10:10am

Andrew is a teacher and author living in England. He loves maths and he loves magic, and can often be found doing both at the same time.

Thursday 15th – 10:10am

Dr Ken Farquhar is a World juggling champion and soap bubble scientist.  Dr Ken perfected his presentation skills by working as a street performer, mime, schoolteacher and in television. He has toured his shows in schools, science and arts festivals all over the world reaching over 1/2 million people. His inspirational shows cater for all levels and he is an honorary lecturer in science communication at the University of East Anglia.

Friday 16th – 10:10am

Kjartan Poskitt presented schools maths and science programmes for the BBC in the 1980’s. Since then he has become a wide-ranging author of plays, picture books and most famously his Murderous Maths series which have sold over 5million copies around the world. He has toured his  maths shows for the last 20 years including the last 13 years of Maths Week Ireland!

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