MathsWeekTV will will be back for Maths Week from 18 – 22 October 2021. We will broadcast two daily shows, one each for primary pupils at 10.10am and secondary students 11.11am.

The line up will include some of our favourite presenters with some exciting new talent.

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Monday 18th – 10:10am

Andrew is a teacher and author living in England. He loves maths and he loves magic, and can often be found doing both at the same time.

Tuesday 19th – 10:10am

A Guinness World Record holder and award winning mathematical entertainer who has been part of Maths Week Ireland since 2013, Caroline loves to create activities that engage young leaners to love participating in maths. She calls it Bubbly Maths

Let’s Make Maths Fun!

Wednesday 20th – 10:10am

Franz Schlindwein is a former maths teacher turned resource developer based in Derry. His award winning Izak9 cubes are used in more than 1000 schools in Ireland, UK and beyond.

Thursday 21st – 10:10am

Franz Schlindwein is a former maths teacher turned resource developer based in Derry. His award winning Izak9 cubes are used in more than 1000 schools in Ireland, UK and beyond.

Friday 22nd – 10:10am

Sally Lunt is a children’s author and maths teacher. She has always loved mathematics and number and started writing stories for young children soon after her son was born. She is passionate about helping others to see the beauty in mathematics and hopes that her stories and workshops will go some way to achieving this aim.

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Monday 18th – 11:11am

Dr Aoife Hunt works for Movement Strategies, a consultancy that specialises in analysing the movements of people.  At work, she uses maths and statistics to figure out the patterns of large crowds at high profile venues like Wembley Stadium. Since finishing her PhD in evacuation modelling at the University of Greenwich, Aoife has worked with researchers across the world to figure out how we can use maths to make buildings safer.

Tuesday 19th – 11:11am

Bobby Seagull is a TV presenter and author. He is the author of best selling The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers and the co-presenter of the podcast Maths Appeal. He co-wrote The Monkman & Seagull Quiz and co-presents the BBC TV series Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Adventures. He is an ambassador for the charity National Numeracy, a presenter for an Open University course on personal finance for young adults, a regular contributor to Radio Four’s Puzzle For Today and a columnist for the Financial Times.

Wednesday  20th – 11:11am

Rob is closely involved with the world of maths. He has written (or co-written) seven maths books aimed at the general public, of which two have been world wide bestsellers. He is a Director of Maths Inspiration, a national programme of theatre-based lecture shows for teenagers. He gives numerous talks every year, for just about every audience:  primary school children, teenagers, undergraduates, families, teachers, serial killers (no, just checking you’re still reading this). He was President of the Mathematical Association from 2007-8, and has worked with the Royal Institution, the UK Maths Trust and numerous other mathematical organisations. Rob was also a monthly puzzle setter for New Scientist magazine.

In 2016 he received the Zeeman medal for excellence in the promotion of maths.  The medal is in honour of Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman, and is awarded jointly by the London Maths Society and the Institute of Maths and its Applications.

Thursday 21st – 11:11am

Tom is a maths tutor at St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford with a mission to share his love of maths with the world. His award-winning website features videos, podcasts, articles and puzzles designed to make maths more entertaining, exciting and enthralling for all. Tom also works with Numberphile – one of the largest education channels on YouTube with over 3.14 million subscribers.

Friday 22nd – 11:11am

Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin is an Assistant Professor in the School of Mathematics & Statistics where she is director of the BSc. Science, Mathematics & Education programme in the College of Science. Her research investigates issues in Mathematics Education, with a particular focus on teacher education and the development of teacher pedagogical content knowledge.

In 2020 she received the Maths Week Ireland award for outstanding work in raising public awareness of mathematics

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