This year because of the global Covid 19 pandemic, the number of events are limited. Please check back here as we will continue to post events as they are confirmed.
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This event is aimed at TY and Senior cycle students.
In this special Maths Week event, Aoife Hunt, Kevin O’Brien and Ravi Vakaria give us three different perspectives on the Mathematics of Sport
Crowd modelling: How maths keep us safe and keep us moving. Dr Aoife Hunt, Movement Strategies – Aoife’s job is to analyse the movements of people. How many people can you fit into a football stadium or a music festival? How quickly are they all going to be able to get out?  These are important questions for event organisers, and they need mathematicians to answer them.  In this talk, Aoife Hunt shows how professional consultants use Leaving Cert maths to understand the movement of crowds.

How maths wins matches: technology, measurement and data analysis for training and match-day performance. Kevin O’Brien, PhD Researcher in the School of Health and Human Performance, Dublin City University shares the importance of statistical information in Sport

Hawk-Eye: How ball tracking has changed the scope of decision making in sport. Ravi Vekaria Project Manager and GAA Operations Lead, Hawk eye Innovations.


Croke Park, Dublin


15th October


12.00 – 13.30