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Audience: Public.
The Maths of Climate Change and Weather Forecasting – Dr Alan Hally, with introduction from Evelyn Cusack Met Éireann.

Climate change poses a threat to human lives, livelihoods and lifestyles across the globe. The scientific community are in agreement that it is taking place and that human activity is responsible. Scientists make predictions about what will happen in various scenarios with our weather. But how do scientists use mathematics to tell the future? Whether it is a next day weather  forecast or long range climate change prediction, mathematical models are used. This talk will reveal the mathematics at the core of all weather forecasting and climate change models, as well as touching on chaos theory and the infamous “Butterfly Effect” and even show the important historical contributions of Irish scientists and mathematicians.

Dr. Alan Hally is a meteorologist in the Research, Environment and Applications Division at Met Éireann. The prime focus of his work is computer-based simulations of the weather. He also has a keen interest in using probabilities to communicate weather forecasts.




Tuesday October 15th 2019




National Library of Ireland, Kildare St. Dublin 2