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This workshop focuses on the doubling. Beginning with a purpose written story followed by a question-and-answer session and then an arty maths activity to reinforce learning. This workshop will help children to see that doubling a number is the same as adding the number to itself.

Participating teachers need to have the following:

  1. Dice or cards for the double it activity
  2. Paint and paper for the art activity (this can be done after the event)

Audience: Sr -1st class (ROI); Y2-Y3 (NI)

Register your class here.

Special Maths Week Offer

You can receive a 25% reduction on the cost of a paperback copy of Cuthbert the Croc: Mathematical Adventures Book 1 using the code MWI25. This book contains 3 maths stories:

Cuthbert Goes On and On: Cuthbert the Croc Cuthbert dreams of reaching the end of the number line and hopes that the Number Convention will help him to make his dream come true. It’s not long before Cuthbert’s dreams are dashed, but all is not lost. Maureen the Mouse is on hand to open Cuthbert’s eyes to the never-ending and wonderful world of numbers.

Cuthbert Switches Things Around: Cuthbert the Croc and his friend Betty the Badger are helping on the toy stall at the Number Agency Summer Fete. They are very excited about practicing their addition. It’s not long before Cuthbert and Betty get into a pickle but, just as they start to panic, Maureen the Mouse is there to help. Cuthbert and Betty learn that switching things around can really help!

Cuthbert Sees Double: Cuthbert the Croc is excited about playing “Double It” with his brother Claude and their friends. It isn’t long before Cuthbert runs into trouble, but, just as he thinks all is lost, Maureen the Mouse is ready to help him. He soon learns that doubling is great fun!

Or you can download e-books at 50% of their usual cost using the code MWI50. Download all three in one book or download stories individually.