Pop Math: all upcoming math outreach events at glance!

Rome, January 21. Pop Math is online! It is the calendar of the European Mathematical Society for all the outreach events in mathematics in Europe and beyond.

Today is the starting day for the new website Pop Math http://popmath.eu/ created by the Raising Public Awareness (RPA) Committee of the European Mathematical Society.

The website is displays on a world map the announcements of all maths outreach events for a general audience and also academic or professional events about math outreach. The events can be commercial or non-profit, online or in-person, and have a limited duration.

Everybody can submit an event from this page https://www.popmath.eu/submit-event.

“This is the simplest way to find and share events of mathematical outreach” says Roberto Natalini, director of the IAC-Cnr in Rome and Chair of the RPA Committee.

“Pop Math not only lets you discover new math events, but it is also an archive of everything happening in the field”, states Sylvie Benzoni, director of Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris and member of the committee.

Give it a try! Just this week you can choose between a conference on Optimal Transport in France, a talk on the number 1 in Germany, an event on AI and maths in Italy, and don’t miss the presentation on Indra’s Pearls in Singapore! The website also features workshops (for example,  a week-long one in the UK) and festivals, like the upcoming maths marathon in Spain and maths week in Ireland!

Please share the website, announce your own events and enjoy popular mathematics!

Visit PopMath here