This year because of the global Covid 19 pandemic, the number of events are limited. Please check back here as we will continue to post events as they are confirmed.
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6-9 year olds at 11:00am
There is a new time of 12.30 for 11-13 year old group
Audience: Primary 4th – 6th.

Connected Classsrooms is an event which connects students in Ireland with their counterparts in South Africa. Up to 50 schools can take part live, they will need a webcam and a microphone.

Living Maths will be conducting an online maths show to celebrate national maths week in Ireland.  The event will be open to all schools that have access to the internet.  If your class has a webcam and microphone (most laptops already have these built in) then that should work.  The relevant links and instructions will be emailed to all the schools interested in taking part.  If a school wants to join in without a webcam, they are more than welcome to do so.  The lesson will be interactive and Steve Sherman will be offering a wide range of fun brainteasers, mathemagical tricks and other edutaining activities for the students to try.   If you have students that DON’T like maths then make sure to bring them along.  Steve will have them smiling about maths in no time!  Students should bring something to write with and something to write on as it makes it easier to solve some of the fun problems.


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