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Daily Maths Week Newsletter 2020
Tuesday October 13

Next Up : MathsWeekTV – watch live - Primary School Event with Caroline Ainslie 10:10 am

Your pupils will need paper and tape (if you have round balloons and a pump even better, but not essential) 

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Welcome to the second daily maths week newsletter. Each day this week we will share with you some of the highlights happening across the island of Ireland for Maths Week October 10 -18  


What a fantastic start we have had to Maths Week 2020! We have seen fabulous pictures of pupils from all over the island, exploring Maths in so many different ways, and enjoying themselves and having fun while they do it. The creativity and imagination from people – young and not so young has been incredible! 
Imagine #MathsWeek Was trending all day on twitter. 

That is what Maths Week is all about, it’s about changing attitudes to Maths, and encouraging people to think positively about maths, and to have confidence in it.
We all know that when you enjoy something, you work that bit harder to get better at, whether, its running, or swimming or playing music .It’s the same with maths! 

On the Maths Week website www.mathsweek.ie, there are lots of activities, games and competitions to try out, and that will help build confidence in maths. This helps develop a positive growth mindset, which is so important for success! We have advice for parents and teachers to help and encourage younger people, so they will believe in themselves and their ability in maths. This is really important, particularly for girls!
We have a great line up of activities on today, so why not check them out.
Sheila Donegan, Co-Founder Maths Week Ireland
We  have two special evening events for teachers:
Wed 6:30pm How to manage Maths Eyes with your class.
  With Dr Terry Maguire and Ciaran O'Sullivan  
Thur 6 pm Inspiring Maths in Primary Classrooms
   with BBC broadcaster, author and maths teacher, Bobby Seagull

Details will be posted on www.mathsweek.ie this afternoon. 
What’s on

The Maths Week Competitions are proving very popular! 
Check out:
Maths Week 2020 Olympiad for all primary and secondary school students
Mangahigh Online competition
Target Boards for Primary schools. Over 23,000 correct answers submitted yesterday
See Targetboards Leaderboard here

Keep an eye on our twitter page to see the leaderboards!

MathsWeekTV Schedule for TODAY and TOMORROW:

The MathsWeekTV schedule is jammed packed for the next two days! Check out the guide below.

You can watch all broadcasts live (no need to get tickets) or catch up later using the Playback function. Full details available here: MathsWeekTV

The ever popular maths entertainer Caroline Ainslie brings her show “Big and Small” online. Small students in Big school (4 – 7 year olds) can join in in the fun by tuning into MathsWeekTV at 10:10 this morning – make sure to supply children with paper and tape! (If you have round balloons too then even better, but not essential)

11:11 am
Tom Crawford's Maths v Sport 
A must see show for students in senior cycle with an interest in maths and sport. Watch at 11:11 today or catch up later in the week on MathsWeekTV.

2:00 pm
Every Day Counts!
This Maths Careers Event will have TY / Year 12 students “Searching for Certainty”. The Society of Actuaries in Ireland present their maths careers talk on MathsWeekTV at 2 pm today.

10:10 am
Maths Rocks
features a series of mathematical surprises that you never knew about. You might even learn some magic tricks you can show other people. Audience Participation tickets are “sold out” but your 7 – 12 year old students can still stream the show live at 10:10 tomorrow morning.

11:11 am
Puzzling Surprises with Rob Eastaway tomorrow at 11:11.
Rob was the very first presenter at Maths Week and we’re delighted to welcome back the Zeeman Medal Awardee to this year’s virtual festivities. His show will present entertaining examples of counter-intuitive maths, from Pythagoras to Pascal’s Triangle. A must see show!
12:00 pm
Every Day Counts!
This event is for 1st year / Year 9 students. Tune into MathsWeekTV at 12 pm tomorrow and explore real world maths as the team at the Society of Actuaries in Ireland share their real world examples of maths appearing in their hobbies, their jobs and their daily routine.
If you would like to be part of the live audience and possible get a shout out on MathsWeekTV then please click here for booking details. https://www.mathsweek.ie/2020/event/every-day-counts/


Daily Maths Week Challenge
Check out the daily maths week photo challenge on social media. Use your maths eyes to discover the maths in our environment – take a photo and share it using #MathsWeek2020
Triangle Tuesday - Today’s challenge:
Photograph Triangles in your surroundings and share the pics on social media. 

Today’s Maths Week Brain Teaser
Each day we will bring you a mathematical brain teaser designed to challenge the solver. Post it on your school’s social media or on your Maths Week board in school and get your students thinking laterally and logically as they strategize to solve the puzzle.
If you’re 6 meters away from a door and with each move you advance half the distance to the door. How many moves will it take to reach the door?
You can find the solution to this puzzle below
For more puzzles check out the Maths Week daily problems in TheJournal.ie
Solution for yesterday’s puzzle:
Turn on switch one and two. Wait a little while and then turn off switch 2.
Go in the room to check out the bulbs:
Switch 1 corresponds to the bulb that is ON
Switch 2: Corresponds to the bulb that is OFF but HOT
Switch 3: Correspond to the bulb that is OFF and COLD
Solution for today’s puzzle:
You will never reach the door!
Maths Week Activities
Stuck for ideas for tomorrow? Check out a variety of hands-on maths activities from primary and secondary schools at https://www.mathsweek.ie/2020/resources/
In case you missed it:  Highlights from yesterday 

How about making a Maths Hat?
Watch Maths Week's Eoin Gill on News2Day here

Yesterday Maths Week Ireland was trending on twitter - number 1 in Ireland! #MathsWeek2020

You can now PLAYBACK yesterday's maths shows on the MathsWeekTV

Primary: Discovering Patterns with Susan Okereke

Secondary: Living Maths with Bobby Seagull

Make sure you keep us updated on your events and activities throughout the week.
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