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Audience: Primary 4th – 6th class
Kjartan Poskitt, best-selling author of the Murderous Maths book series, brings his fun filled show to WIT in what promises to be a thrilling spectacle for primary fourth to sixth classes! Kjartan previously worked in TV where he wrote and presented for Anne Wood (creator of the Teletubbies) and fans of his books include Ed Sheeran. Says Kjartan, “I always say maths is like broccoli. Some people like it, some people hate it, but you have to have a bit because it’s good for you. The trick to enjoying maths is finding the bits you need. If you’re buying stuff you need basic sums and percentages. If you’re planning a holiday you need to know times, speeds and maybe currency exchanges. None of this is too tricky if you know what you want out of it.”


Waterford Institute of Technology


Tues Oct 15th


9.45 – 10.45