Plan your MW18 event

Plan your MW18 event

Here you will find ideas and resources to help you organise an event for Maths Week. Whatever the nature or size of your group, here are some top tips and advice on running in-school maths enrichment activities. Choose from one of our 6 themed events below or create your own!

Maths Puzzle Day
Maths Trail
Maths Maze
Code breaking day
Maths Magic
Maths art


 If it’s your first time organising a Maths Week event, it’s a good idea to start small and then build on the activities in future years.

Work with other members of staff in your school to share ideas and experiences.

Involve students in a brainstorming and decision-making session for ideas.

Choose a theme or idea for your event from one of the above themes or develop your own based on a favourite topic of those in the class. The possibilities are endless!

Elect one or more students to capture the day on video or in photographs for sharing and remembering the highlights of the event.

You may want to have small prizes or rewards for participants who successfully complete challenges, or you could plan to have a family fun afternoon/evening to celebrate the successes of the week. Don’t forget to download and print the participation certificates from our website.

Don’t forget to register your event on our website to be in with a chance of winning one of several fantastic prizes!

Diving for data
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