Have You Got Maths Eyes?

This great event encourages all to look at the world through their "maths eyes".


Click here to take part in 'Have you got Maths Eyes 2016' competition.

Devised by Tallaght IoT and managed by NCE MSTL at UL, Have you got MathsEyes was rolled out across Ireland during Maths Week 2012 and every year since..

This year again it will be running with categories for all ages from children to adult and community groups.

Just put on your "maths eyes" and look in a new way at your surroundings, take a digital photograph (hi-res) and you will be able to attach a title / tag line and enter it through the website.

Here's just a few useful links to help you get started

Click here for more info and to enter the Maths Eyes Post competition.

Click here for more info and to enter the Geogebra competition.

Find the Mathseyes resource pack here.